Stratigraphic Framework and the Use of Acoustic Impedance, Pseudo-Impedance, and Spectral Decomposition Data in Detailing the RO210 Deposit Mapping in Roncador Field, Campos Basin, Brazil

Olavo Augusto Gomes Linhares, Jorge Picanço de Figueiredo


The main oil-producing reservoirs in Roncador field, located in the central Campos Basin-Brazil, are composed of sandy deposits interpreted as turbidites of Campanian to Maastrichtian age, deposited on the contemporary submarine continental slope. Three main grouping of sandy deposits (RO400, RO300, and RO200, from base to top), interpreted as the result of three third-order depositional sequences, comprise the whole sedimentary succession of the Upper Cretaceous Roncador’s reservoirs. RO200 is the uppermost sandy deposit grouping composed of RO210 and RO220. This work analyzed, based on some geophysical methods, the RO210. This reservoir is a channel complex composed of at least two individual channels (lower and upper) filled mainly by sandy turbidites. The channel complex direction is N-S, accompanied by the fault plain direction of the main growth fault that separated the field into high and low blocks. The lower individual channel is tectonically controlled by the growth fault and has its axis confined and parallel to the fault plane at its western border. To the east, it can be seen the channel margin and / or the extravasation deposits. The upper channel is not tectonically controlled and shows the character of an unconfined channel, which could be an unconfined deposit such as a turbiditic lobe.


turbiditic sandstone; architectural elements; seismic interpretation

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