Gamma spectrometry data suggest opportunities for mineral research in Alagoas, Brazil

Mariana Rosário Conceição Sampaio, Alanna Costa Dutra, Onofre Hermenigildo Damião Jorge Flores


This article presents the processing and quantitative interpretation outcomes of aero-gamma-spectrometric data within six regions renowned for copper and iron occurrences in Alagoas State, Brazil, situated within the geological framework of the Sergipan Orogen. The study primarily focuses on radioelement concen-tration data and its derived relationships, encompassing the creation of a ternary map and the utilization of targeting techniques to identify radiometric anomalies, such as potassium and anomalous uranium, along with the Factor F. These relationships enable the identification of behaviors associated with distinct geological models of mineralization, establishing connections between geophysical anomalies and well-known mineral occurrences. By integrating concentration information of radioelements K, Th, and U, in conjunction with geological data and existing mineralizations, the radiometric distributions of the region are thoroughly scrutinized. Radiomet-ric ratios and ternary maps serve to facilitate the identification of enrichment centers for target minerals and the observation of desirable radiometric signatures. Hydrothermal enrichment enhancement techniques unveil a more pronounced correlation between copper targets and potassium (K) anomalies, whereas iron targets ex-hibit a relationship with uranium (U) enrichment. A ternary map, amalgamating anomalous potassium, K/Th ratio, and Factor F, aids in the identification of hydrothermal alterations. Magnetic maps emphasize anomalies near significant indications, accentuating structurally advantageous contours for hydrothermal enrichment and contacts with magnetic minerals associated with iron deposits. Future exploration endeavors should accord pri-ority to these selected areas to unveil their mineral potential. Furthermore, the findings from this study offer valuable insights into the radiometric characteristics and their associations with ore deposits, thereby guiding investigations in other mineral-rich regions, always considering local geology as a vital initial datum.


Gamma-ray Spectrometry Data; Iron and Copper Ore Mineralization; Mining Geophysics; Statistics; geostatistics

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