Análise Preliminar dos Aspectos Geotérmicos das Fontes Termais Brasileiras

S.J. Hurter, V.M. Hamza, S.S.S. Iver, M.I. Costa


Information on more than 400 geothermal springs in Brazil has been assembled. On the basis of the data collected the temperatures at the maximum depths of circulation of spring waters are calculated using the quantity of silica dissolved in water. For some thermal springs temperatures are calculated on the basis of silica determination carried out by us. Applying linear relations between silica temperature and geothermal flux the average depths of water circulation in the Paraná Basin and the Brazilian folded The radioactivity of the belts surrounding the San Francisco craton are calculated. water, derived mainly from the dissolved radon can be correlated with the temperature of the spring. An inverse correlation, as was observed for thermal springs of Poços de Caldas, can be used to calculate the ascent velocity of thermal waters, where as, a positive correlations could be interpreted as due to the mixing of thermal with surface waters.


análise preliminar dos aspectos geotérmicos das fontes termais brasileiras; fontes termais brasileiras; aspectos geotérmicos;


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